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Peter Schultz, CEO & Strategist

Peter’s biggest goal in life was to be his own man and trading has granted that. Since starting the company in 1999, he’s helped countless traders meet their own individual goals.

Being an internet publisher allowed him to move his family to Oregon in 2001 where they made a home on their 5-acre farm on the shores of Bear Creek. He and his wife, Laura, like to hike, raft, camp, bike, garden, and most recently go on long rides in his convertible. In the things that matter, Peter feels pretty darn lucky.

Alisha Marie, Operations Director/Head Coach

Alisha’s main goal at Wealth Builder Publishing is to help you succeed and meet all of your trading objectives. She has been the Head Trading Coach since 2015 and enjoys sparring with Peter over who’s a better trader.

She loves animals (sometimes more than people), is an avid reader, and enjoys drinking a glass of wine on her front porch on a warm, summer evening. 

Heidi Marie, Customer Service/IT Manager

Heidi’s mission is to ensure you have the best customer service experience possible. She is prompt, friendly, and would organize the world if she could.

Her free time is filled with reading books, making homemade soaps and bath products, wrangling two teenage boys, and keeping track of her family tree and the family trees of pretty much everyone she knows.

Shannon Fitting, Marketing Manager

Shannon believes that marketing is the soul of every business and needs to be handled with great care. She has been working with Peter for twenty years and is responsible for company development and powering the Wealth Builder Publishing brand.

DeAnna Oakley, Orientation Specialist

DeAnna is here to help you meet your objectives and better absorb the content in your new educational package and subscription.

She is the proud mother of one and invests a great deal of time acting on the board of the local Youth Baseball League. She enjoys ocean fishing, hunting, hiking, and generally anything that allows her to experience the great outdoors.

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