Why the Biggest Gains in the Stock Market Come from Companies You've Never Heard of - and How You Can Become Wealthy From It

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We are heading to Hawaii next week for seven days.  To some degree, compliments of you! Could I have afforded a trip like this before?  Yes.  But now I can afford it carefree, without worry, that’s a big difference.”

– Billy Mitchell

“Hi Peter,

All I can say is thank God and thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise!

You are literally an answer to my prayers.

The trust account I manage was being rapidly depleted due to the 24/7 care that my mom needs.  But now, with your help, I’m seeing enough cashflow to cover 90% of that monthly bill!

As for ABML, I picked up 10,000 shares for .03…you can imagine my excitement that my wife and I are debt-free from just one trade.

God bless you, and I hope to meet you one day to thank you in person.”

– Russ

“ABML brought in about 30K for the month of December which contributed to a very Merry Xmas. Fear not, I’m still in ABML long term and I thank your entire staff. Cheers!”

– Robert Yalden

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