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Option Strategies

If you need consistent weekly income now, this is your strategy.

Discover how to put on options trades with over an 80% of winning that automatically play out every ten days. Since you get high-probability trades every week, they overlap, putting you in a position to collect some sizeable cashflow every week using automatic orders that work with or without you.

Greatest Options Strategy on Earth

If you are willing to hold 3 to 9 months for outstanding potential returns while collecting sizable cashflow along the way, then this is your strategy.

Discover the benefits of putting on longer term options trades to take advantage of powerful trends to capture huge potential upside AND monthly returns all in the same trade. These trades are designed to bring in 100% or more total returns with little monitoring.


If you are willing to wait 2 to 4 years for an investment with the potential to create financial independence for life, then this is your strategy.

Finally discover how to successfully navigate trading grounds that most fear to tread—with this strategy, you’ll discover how to invest in microcap companies the right way. Microcaps offer the highest potential returns in the entire stock market, but they live in a snake infested swamp so don’t try investing in them without a truly competent guide. But don’t let that scare you off because if you hit the right company at the right time you can literally retire off of one good trade. This is your chance to become a click-mouse treasure hunter—and we’ve gotten really good at locating the highest potential plays with the greatest chance of making you a fortune

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